Full Licence Training

Full licence training courses are designed for individuals who already have a full driving licence, whether a UK or international licence. Generally full licence training courses only take a few hours to complete and are surprisingly simple.

At the beginning of the course, I will assess what areas you need to improve on as discussed with yourself  and guide you accordingly.

Many individuals need refresher lessons simply because they have not driven in a while.

If you have:

Not driven for a long time and are nervous about getting behind the wheel

Not driven on the left hand side of the road before

Lost your driving licence and need to retake the driving test

Been in an accident and need to improve your driving confidence

Taken a new job that involves motorway driving

Looking for a discount on your annal driving insurance, then Pass Plus could be the ideal opportunity

Have you a desire to show your mates you are a better driver than them and would like to do an advanced course?

How many times have you said, I can’t park, well yes you can, I will show you how to do it at ease!

If you would like to discuss your training requirements please contact me on 07870 631662 and I will be happy to oblige.