Mock Driving Test

Sometimes learners go into the practical driving test without having experienced a mock test.  It is not imperative that you do have a practice, but it can significantly improve your chance of passing the test.

It allows you to identify any areas of your driving that still need any improvement and this should match the areas on your progress report where you may not quite be a Level 5 (DSA test standard) and then training can be tailored to areas requiring attention before you go to test.

If you are having private lessons with family or friends, a mock test can certainly help you decide along with myself if you are ready to pass the test using test sheets.

It may be that you have been with a professional Driving Instructor, but are not convinced that you are ready and would like a second opinion.  I would be very happy to either assess you or do a mock test either in my car or your own.  If you would like me to do a mock test in your car, I would have to observe you firstly in my car for a short period of time to assess the safety.

Using your existing instructor for a mock driving test is very convenient, although using myself would be a big advantage, as you will have that feeling of being under pressure just like on the real test and this will provide you with how it will feel and make you more prepared. All my children were given the opportunity to drive with another driving instructor before they took the test, to see what it feels like with a new face observing!

Another consideration have you visited the test centre?  If not I would highly recommend this and I can introduce you to the environment, sometimes you may need to know the layout and where you are going when you arrive.  Particularly Rhyl there’s designated areas for instructors and for examiners.

So many times I have seen learners arriving for test without a professional instructor and parked in the wrong bays and not faced outwards so visiting has its benefits.

If in the event that you have been advised you are maybe not quite ready you are able to postpone your test using the DSA website by providing a minimum of 3 working days.  Saturdays are classed as a working day.

[ Mock tests x 2hrs £54 ]