Refresher Training

  • REFRESHER not driven since passing your test
  • REFRESHER overcome high speed roads
  • REFRESHER night driving
  • REFRESHER new car too big/gain confidence
  • REFRESHER help me park better with tips
  • REFRESHER can you show me how to do petrol?
  • REFRESHER sadly I must drive now and my partner has always done it

“There are two things no man will admit he cannot do well: drive and make love,” said Sir Stirling Moss.

This is my personal experience almost everybody I accompany on a drive whether family or friends they all tend to think they are a good driver, but dislike me being sat next to them observing, it is human nature to not accept your not good at doing something.  I’m not always identifying driving mistakes I can relax when not working you know!

So why in our lives do we understand the value of ongoing training in our jobs to help keep up with our modern day lives and to avoid getting rusty, surely driving is no exception, maybe a quick assessment to give you a few driving tips could help you keep up with modern day trends, seriously ask yourself are you ready for what’s just around that next corner? I came across a cow on his back once!

More recently as insurance premiums rise novice drivers are unable to afford to be on the roads until in full time employment.  If you’ve passed your test and not driven for a while, let me help you gain your confidence and remind you with a quick refresher course, you will soon be back to test standard and enjoying your motoring. At least 5 people a year join me to take up this opportunity, it’s well worth it!

And if you really think you are a good driver how about I show you how to get through your advanced driving test with one of the UK’s biggest driving bodies the AIM? And then you can really say you are a good driver!

Are you worried about attending a Driver/Speed awareness course – please stop worrying, I can give a few pointers before you go to the course and then you will be all excited to attend.  I think they are great!

So what I’m trying to say is I can help, whatever the situation – GO ON pick up the phone I’m just a quick call away and lessons are only £27 per hour for a full licence holder, that’s fantastic value for money.