The Official L-Plate

L plates are a legal requirement when a provisional licence holder is driving the car accompanied by a full licence holder who has held their full driving licence for at least 3 years and is at least 21 years old

L Plates should be removed or covered when a full licence holder is driving the car, with the exception of driving school cars.

L Plates must be clearly displayed on the outside of the car (not stuck in the windows) and be clearly visible from both front and rear of the car. The white surface should not be restricted in size with tape, unless it is clear and should not be reduced in size by cutting to fit an area of the car.

If L Plates are not correctly on view, the examiners will permit a few moments to allow for correction, if this is not done in a satisfactory time or position the test may be announced as a non-starter. Always be prepared and arrive with spare magnetic L Plates that can quickly be used.

They should also conform to the dimensions below: