The Theory Test

theory_testThe theory test is made up of two parts: Multiple choice and hazard perception. You will need to pass both parts in order to pass the theory test. Once you have passed it, you are able to book your practical test.

You have 57 minutes to complete this section.


Multiple Choice Section

Before you begin your test you will be given instructions on how it works and the option of taking a practice test. The practice test will help you see how it will work and allow you to get use to the layout and interaction required.

The multiple-choice part contains 50 questions.  A question will appear on screen with a number of possible answers.  You will need to select an answer by touching the screen.  Read the question carefully as you may be asked to select more than one answer.  If you are unsure you can always flag the question and return to it later.

The pass mark for this part is 43 out of 50.

Hazard Perception Test (HPT)

Before you begin the hazard perception you will be given an example of how it works

A short tutorial video will be presented to you before the actual beginning of your test.  For the test, 14 video clips will be shown.  These will feature at least one developing hazard.  Once you have spotted the hazard, you will respond by pressing the mouse.  Responding to the hazards in their early development will achieve a high score.

The electronic test is taken in front of a normal computer monitor. There are no pedals or steering wheel, just a mouse. The “driver” watches a series of video clips, each about a minute long, filmed on all sorts of roads, from country lanes to suburban high streets to motorways. Each clip will contain one or more developing hazards. Candidates need to click the mouse button as soon as they see a hazard.

The pass rate is a minimum of 44 out of a possible 75 points.  You must pass both parts to pass the driving theory test in one sitting.

Once the test has finished you will be given your result. 

You will have two years from the date you passed your theory to pass your practical driving test.  If you do not take a practical and pass you will have to retake your theory again.

If you fail you will have to wait at least 3 clear working days before taking your test again.

This disc can be easily purchased on Amazon, Expedia or eBay for a very small amount, should not have to pay more than £10 and it is excellent.

You will also require a copy of the Official Highway Code to help you with your studies (less than £2.50)

Passing the Driving Theory test is just the beginning.  The best drivers never stop learning.  To be a good and safe driver it is essential that you keep up to date and continue to build up your knowledge of all aspects of driving.